Birkkjær Advisory Leverancemodel


How do we secure value creation?

1. Challenge and Definition

  • Syncronisation of task complexity. Purpose, Goals and Milestones ( step process depending of complexity++ )
  • Mapping of Resources
  • Mapping of Internal and External Stakeholders

2. Profiling and Recruitment

  • Composition of ExperienceBoard
  • Competence Profile
  • Headhunting of ExperienceBoard members. Selection of Board members. MBTI process ++

3. Boardmember Selection

  • Personal Interview by function manager
  • Selection and Group Forming
  • NDA and Fee

4. OnBoarding, ExperienceBoard

  • Relationship, trust and motivation
  • Reconcile Expectations, success criteria
  • Draft for Agenda

5. Performance phase (1-3 years)

  • Driving the ExperienceBoard seen from the Functions Managers perspective. Ensuring progress and value creation and maximizing out put from the ExperienceBoard. Follow up and Board adjustments.
  • Anchor and Wingman. Ensure team-Impact. Advice and planning
  • Handling of unplaned dynamic Board-Actions. Integration of Experts, etc.

6. ExperienceBoard Results

  • Regular Evaluation
  • Replacement and/or Addition of Competences
  • Advice/Tools for Improvement